cyclopentane לחץ גבוה מכונת קצף

מכונת פוליאוריתן חדשה בלחץ גבוה


1. PLC(Mitsubishi) control panel
2. Magnetic coupling ensures no material leakage
3. Axial piston pump, A2VK
4. Self-cleaning L-shaped mixing head

Mix head

High precision self-cleaning L-shaped mix head
High pressure impingement style
Hydraulically controlled sequential operation

יחידת מדידה

Axial piston pump, A2VK
Variable output adjusted by handwheel
צימוד מגנטי אינו מבטיח דליפה חומרית
מד לחץ דיגיטלי לשליטה בלחץ

מרכיבי אחסון וטמפרטורה
Digital pressure gauge for control and visualization of pressure with max. & min. Alarm value
Electrical resistance heater and cooling water solenoid valve for temperature conditioning operation

מערכת בקרה חשמלית
Fully controlled by PLC
Colorful touch screen
Alarm function with acoustic warning and text message

Main parameters:

Main parameters:

Model: H100-JHHA &(H40-JHHA)
Ratio: 1: 5-5: 1
Stuff temperature: Adjustable
Out put (min-max): 100-1300g/s (H40-JHHA: 60-620g/s)
Tank capacity: 250L/tank (H40-JHHA: 250L/tank)
Power: 40KW (H40-JHHA: 32KW)
Injection pressure: 8-15 MPa

Application area: Automobile, motorcycle seat, refrigerators, solar heater, refrigerators, wood-profile, pipe fittings, self-crusting, elastomer cushion. Heat insulation pipeline, mould, sandwich board of freezing house, steel structured plate, wood imitation fumiture.

  • Raw Material: Mixing
  • Automation: Automatic
  • אישור: CE
  • Trademark: Jinhua
  • Origin: China
  • Type: Polyurethane Foam Machine
  • Principle: High-Pressure Air Type
  • Computerized: Computerized
  • Make-to-Order: Your Plans Are Avilabalbe
  • Specification: non-standard products-make to order
  • HS Code: 84774090