EMM078-A60-C בלחץ גבוה פוליאוריתן קצף מזרון עושה מכונה

מכונת קצף בלחץ גבוה

1. Summarization

The EMM078series High Pressure machine is that our company follows the international’s advanced technological products, The Main parts are imported from foreign countries, technical and safety performance of the equipment has reached the advanced level of the same product of the same period abroad.

When developing the EMM series high pressure machine, Technology with the "best practices" "plug and play", all of the machine’s parts and module are installed at one frame, component’s pipes short, pressure small, precise at the temperature control, optimization of the control technology, improve the equipment’s reliability and the production’s quantity.

The EMM078-A60-C (Closed loop control system) High pressure machine has 1 POLY. barrel and 1 ISO. barrel, and two metering units drive by independence motors, through changing the metering pumps output to change the pumps output. This kind of machine is specially used in the polyurethane pouring products.

2.Two Components High Pressure Foaming Machine Configuration list

 FrameEMMקבוצה אחת
 POLY. Metering unitMetering pump:Beijingelan

Magnetic coupling: סין

Drive motor:Siemens

קבוצה אחת
 ISO. Metering unitMetering pump:Beijingelan

Magnetic coupling: סין

Drive motor:Siemens

קבוצה אחת
 Pressure limit and control systemOutput pressure switch: Schneider digital display

High pressure transmitter: American Senex Co.(Guangzhou branch)

2 sets
 Component flowing test unitEMM2 sets
 Component flowing test automaticallyMixing head direct detectionקבוצה אחת
 POLY mesh filterEMM(330μm)קבוצה אחת
 ISO mesh filterEMM(330μm)קבוצה אחת
 Hydraulic unitHigh pressure pump: Italy

Hydraulic high pressure switch:Schneider digital display;

Motor: Siemens;

קבוצה אחת
 Mixing head DHVA—1014—2KEMMקבוצה אחת
 High pressure switchSwitzerlandקבוצה אחת
 זרוע ג 'ייבEMMקבוצה אחת
 High/low pressure switch-over unitTaiwan joint venture2 set
 250 Liter POLY TankTank:EMM

Heat exchanger:Jiegao

קבוצה אחת
 250 Liter ISO TankTank:EMM

Heat exchanger:Jiegao

קבוצה אחת
 temperature control systemOmron2 set
 Chiller ( cooling machine)importedקבוצה אחת
 Pipe systemValves: Taiwan AIRTAC

High pipe and contactor: YOK

קבוצה אחת
 Chillerexportedקבוצה אחת
 The machine electric mobile device קבוצה אחת

EMM’s is a comprehensive enterprise dealing economic and technology cooperation that specializes in manufacturing for metal fabrications and distributing of all types of machinery tools Including Industrial Equipment, fabricating equipment, sheet metal equipment and production line machinery.
We are not only trading with customers from domestic and oversea but also providing customers with technical, commutation and after sales support.

Our dedication to the highest quality products and services have establish excellent trade relations with customers from all over the world. EMM’s team memebers includes qualified sales specialists and highly trained technical professional to help provide quick service and the best quality of work in order to meet our customer needs.

שירות לאחר המכירה

1. אחריות לשנה אחת מסופקת.
2. Customers can send photos or samples for our confirmation once the parts are damaged within the one year warranty. If the parts are not damaged by misoperation , we will reply to customers within 48 hours and provide free parts for replacement. Besides, for the parts out of commission and beyond the
warranty, we only charge for the basic costs of parts.
3. אנו עוקבים באופן קבוע את תנאי השירות של מוצרים, ולנתח בזמן להעתיק עם המשוב. באשר למחלוקות, נוכל להבין פעולות יעילות כדי להגיע לשביעות רצון הדדית.

פרטים מהירים

סוג עיבוד: מכונת קצף, מכונת קצף
מצב: חדש
סוג המוצר: קצף נטו, קצף נטו
מקום מוצא: סין (היבשתית)
שם המותג: EMM
Model Number: EMM078-A60-C
Voltage: 380V/220V
Power(W): 28000
Dimension(L*W*H): 2800x1380x2000
Weight: 3Ton
Certification: ISO9001
אחריות: שנה אחת
שירות לאחר המכירה: מהנדסים זמינים למכונות שירות בחו"ל
color: can be designed
type: EMM078-A60-C high pressure polyurethane foam mattress making machine
pressure: high pressure
material 1: POLY
material 2: ISO
משאבת מדידה: גרמניה / סין
יתרון 1: יעילות גבוהה
יתרון 2: איכות יציבה