Three dimensional polyurethane seal molding machine

פוליאוריתן הנעל היחיד להרכיב מכונת הזרקה

Product Name:

EMM-803 High/Low pressure foaming machine

Product Use:

Low resilient pillow, mattress, toy, fitness equipment, furniture, auto equipment, low and high resilient components, ets.

Product Characteristics:

Material injection by a precision needle valve, which is taper sealed, never worn, and never clogged the mixing head produces complete material stirring precise metering (K series precision metering pump control is exclusively adopted) single button operation for convenient operation switching to a different density or color at any time easy to maintain and operate.

Main Technical Parameters:

דגםOutputVolume (g/s)Material Pot Volume (L)Mixing Ratio (P:I)Total Power (KW)